European Dance Tour

  Marchio Registrato. 

All Competitions in EUROPEAN DANC TOUR have single directly recognized from WDC or WDC AL.
In This Circuit The Adjudicators will be only Under WDC License Card.

Some Competitions of EDT CALENDAR:

Naples Open - Italy

Crystal Ball - Russia 

Mediteran Open - Cyprus 

Portugal Open - Portugal 

Gran Prix JR - France 

Tiblisi Open - Georgia 

Athens Open - Greece 

Erevan Open - Armenia 

Adriatic Pearl - Croatia 

Queen Trophy- Georgia 

Sofia Open - Bulgaria 

Viana International - Portugal 

Brabant Cup - Belgium 

Venezia Open - Italy 

Christmas Ball - Croatia 

Annesy - France 

Israel International - Israel 


Il Calendario Ufficiale In Arrivo